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Name:Mr. Ronny Febriyanto [Sales]
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Address:Jl. Jemur Andayani No. 27
Surabaya 60237, Jawa Timur
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Registration Date:Dec. 13, 2007
Last Updated:Sep. 08, 2014
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Excess Inventory category

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Company Brief

PT.Fajar Mas Murni, or FMM as it is generally known, is an Indonesian limited liability company. Within a relatively short period of time, FMM' s sphere of endeavors has steadily grown and FMM is now well established as a major supplier of various types of essential equipment and materials used to support in almost all sectors of the Indonesian economy.
FMM provides complete professional services to its customers throughout Indonesia : Technical Advice & Application Engineering, Consultative Selling, Supply of Individual Equipment or Tuen-key Plants, Local Assembly, Pre-delivery Service, Installation & Erection, Operator & Maintenance Crew Training, After Sales Service, Preventive & Productive Maintenance, Repair, Overhoul, Reconditioning & Rebuilding, Spare Parts Inventory, Gas Compressor Rental & Hire Purchase, Procurement of Equipment & Supply of Man-power for Projects. Our Principals product : AIRMAN, FURUKAWA, YTO, Lighting Tower ALLMAND, HUGHES PUMPS, TEREX PEGSON, OLYMPUS Microscope, HALDOR TOPSOE, DRESSER RAND, INGERSOLL RAND, KOKEN BORING MACHINES, TELEDYNE, etc

Major Products / Services
  • FURUKAWA Hydraulic Crawlair Drill
    FURUKAWA dalam dunia pertambangan telah cukup mendapat tempat dikarenakan kehandalan serta kelincahan. Selain Hydraulic CRD , FURUKAWA juga meluncurkan produk Pneumatic CRD, Hydraulic Breaker, Jumbo Drill, etc. Untuk Spesifikasi lebih lanjut bisa menghubungi kami.
  • AIRMAN Portable Air Compressor
    Merupakan Portable air Compressor yang telah terbukti kehandalannya serta populasi yang melimpah di wilayah indonesia. Tersedia berbagai type dari kapasitas dan tekanan yang dihasilkan. Type : PDS55S, PDS100S, PDS130S, PDS185S, PDS265S, PDS390S, PDS655S, PDS750S, PDSF830S , etc.

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